Return from the Affordable Degrees at Scale Symposium

When there are so many people, much like yourself, in the same room a certain energy builds. That energy let’s you know you’re on the right track, sharing in a quest to innovate and make things a bit better for the future through learning. Many like minded digital educators spent the last two days at Georgia Tech talking shop. What fun. Conference presentation with Sharon Hsiao standing with mic while two white men look on from seats on stage.

Sharon nails it while others look on

What’s awful is that this amazing vibe happened today. Kavanaugh day. A day of pain for many and a day for others to hang their head. Even this group of digital educators has remnants of the old patriarchy, but it’s lessening. The guys at the event were wonderful fellows, one even was a knight from Scotland, but they represented another time that I really don’t want to be in.

I work on a team with an Argentinian woman as the Senior Director. My other admin colleagues are a white man, a Taiwanese woman (that’s Sharon in the picture) and a native Illinois woman. Across the whole team of about 45, I am by far in the minority. English is the common language but by far not dominant.

My 8-5 life doesn’t situate itself in the disastrous climate we find ourselves in. I cannot say enough about how much of a reprieve that is from what I see in many other places. I am so lucky.

Sometimes the reality of the world is forgotten from 8-5 and we make amazing learning happen. Then I read the news and realize I need to seek out how I can continue to be supportive the rest of the day.