MakerLab Videos 2016: Wrap it Up!

Time to shoot some video.

Studio time: Week of April 25. Shoot what didn’t work out in the lab or on location

Green screen shoot available in the studio.

Book 45 minute slot on:

  • Monday Noon – 3p
  • Tuesday Noon – 3p
  • Wednesday Noon 5p
  • Thursday 3-6p
  • Friday all day

email tubbs at illinois to schedule

Time to edit some video.

Can’t edit without the script. Submit them via box and send tubbs the box link by noon on April 20. I will drop into class with critiques.

Time to upload some video.

Take a look at and figure out how to upload video. Questions will be answered on April 25. I will drop into class.


MakerLab Videos 2016

MakerLab Team Videos

eLearning Support

Johnivan Darby –


The whole project team. Split roles up in the various sections

Suggested Storyboard

Opening Graphics

Some sort of video background generator with:

  1. logo if available
  2. product title/name
  3. subtitle

Rather than the usually clumsy group introduction, let’s use name plates (AKA lower thirds) on screen for your names, title, etc. as you speak. The second video below
demonstrates this. It will let us move more fluidly and quickly through the video.

Suggest/Demonstrate Need

On Screen Talking – Write Script:

Create the situation and vibe that demonstrates the need
of the product.

  • The Shelfie video below does this well
    with the shots of cyclists and them trying to store their

B-Roll footage:

People engaging in the activity that will
be improved with you product. Show the frustration or dilemma
they face.

State the rationale for the product

On Screen Talking – Write Script:

  • What is your solution to this need?
  • Why your solution is unique?
  • What did it take to get your idea rolling?

B-Roll footage:

early prototyping, design process, drawing, molding, etc…

Design Process

On Screen Talking – Write Script:

  • Goals in design
  • Choices made
  • Problems solved

B-Roll footage:

early prototyping, design process, drawing, molding, etc…

The Beg

On Screen Talking – Write Script:

Ask for the support
> What is appropriate here? Please chime in Prof. Rindfleisch

B-Roll footage:

Product in action, MakerLab or other manufacturing

Rock it out at the end

On Screen Talking – Write Script:

  • Summary Statements
  • Thanks for watching and future support

B-Roll footage:

People using the product.


Return to video background generator

  1. Closing phrase
  2. logo
  3. title/name
  4. Thank you’s, credits (TBD by Prof.)


From Kickstarter

This video shows good flow of setting the stage and vibe of who the
products is for and the process of design and prototyping.

Last Year’s Student Projects

2015 MakerLab Videos

The Plan and Your Milestones

For sake of time we will be creating these videos based on a template
that the eLearning Video Team will fill in with your your talking and
any images or videos (B-Roll) that add to the description of what you
are talking about or doing.

eLearning Video Team will be available on April 23 to shoot your
on screen talking, product close-ups and any staged “working on the
project shots”.

The eLearning Team Needs the Following From You:

Set up a shared folder with and,
make us the co-owner of folder to share the items below:

  • Roster of all projects in a Word doc. (February 24)
    • team members names
    • title of their role in the project
    • year, major (for rolling credits at the end)
  • Weekly pix or videos (February 24). Each week post at least five photos and 5 videos (short – as in 15 seconds, unproduced clips) to your folder
    • the process – your team working
    • your product getting printed
    • prototype pix
      > Your phone works just fine for these shots.
      > Hold it steady or use a tripod, have decent light, don’t worry about audio for non-speaking video. The Library Media Commons has items for check out to help with this.)
  • Script (April 20)
    • Fill in the “On Screen Talking” sections above
    • I’d suggest a hand-in of the assignment for review for Prof. Rindfleisch prior to shoot.
  • Bring to shooting day (week of April 25)
    • rough models
    • the finished product
    • SCRIPT!!!